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Question: TMA 01 A - How does the place of dying affect the experience of dying?
TMA 01 B - Why might the concept of ‘good death’ be considered problematic?

[Both A and B answered together in one section of text]

K260 Death and dying

Answer: In order to answer to answer these questions with regard to the experience of dying it will be necessary to compare the experiences of two individuals dying within two different environments before moving onto a discussion of the concept of a 'good' death, utilising examples of the concept as experienced by someone living within a traditional community compared to someone in a 'Westernised' community.

The case studies of Vic: A Hospital Death and Andrew: A Hospice death initially appear to hold some similarities, both areas have aspects to their practices which can be described as 'medicalised' but there are also differences present.

'Medicalised death', describes a model of dying with death regarded as an event which is defined by problems of a largely technical nature as managed by healthcare professionals underneath a blanket of arcane medical practices and unpredictabil...(short extract)

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