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Question: EMA question

Produce a report that analyses the case study used in TMA 05 and identifies ways to improve the situation described. In the report you should:

· address the needs of the chosen audience and the purpose of the report as identified in TMA 05

· clearly identify, and provide a rationale for, two perspectives on your chosen case study

· analyse the case study, drawing on relevant theories, perspectives, research findings and information on good practice to support your position – concepts from at least two blocks in K217 should be used

· critically discuss options to improve the situation of the person in the case study, identify advantages and disadvantages to likely solutions, and make recommendations for things that should be done.


Eileen, aged 65 is a recently retired nurse who lives in a close-knit community. She has actively enjoyed socialising with her daughter and sisters. Eileen is a widow of some years and has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease (PD). Her symptoms developed quickly causing her to suffer difficulties in mobility. Eileen’s daughter is currently her care provider, and has concerns about her mother’s low mood and unwillingness to interact socially, or accept help with her care needs. There is also a concern that Eileen may have depression.

Eileen’s case study highlights two key questions that could be focussed upon by those practitioners within the health and social care services, which may lead to an understanding of Eileen’s current and future situation. These are:

· How can the diagnosis of PD best be understood with a view to offering choices and options available nationally and locally?

· How can Eileen best be supported and helped to understand and make choices about her current and future care needs to obtain a positive outcome?

Answer: This report will explore and review different theories and perspectives relevant within health and social care practice which impact and influence Eileen and her situation. It will argue that the purely bio-medical approach to helping Eileen is insufficient due to the complexity of other issues as a consequence of diagnosis of a Limiting Long-Term Illness (LLTI). Also, that a ‘holistic’ approach to her health and wellbeing offers a greater opportunity to understand the situation fully, and will make recommendations based on research and good practice guidelines....(short extract)

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