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Question: How far do you agree that the role of the PLA was the key factor in establishing communist rule in China in the years 1949-1957?

Answer: This essay almost fully agrees with the statement that the key factor in establishing communist rule in China was the role of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). This essay will present the evidence that the PLA was the key factor whilst also considering the roles of democratic centralism and the use of terror and propaganda.

The role of the PLA was fundamental for Mao and the Communist Party because it enabled them to consolidate power. Mao used the PLA as a way for him to establish authority over China, as he believed that power comes from violence as suggested from an infamous quote of Mao; ‘All political power, lies in the barrel of a gun’. Communist rule was established due to the fact that the PLA enabled the reunification campaigns. The extensive military forced was used to exert control within the peripheral regions of China because Mao considered them dangerous because ...(short extract)

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