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Question: Which was the most successful model state? (Following World War 2)

Grade A A-level History

Answer: Once world war two had ended many countries were left in despair due to their economic position and state of their land. The increased levels of poverty made the idea of communism appealing for a larger number of people. This struck fear into the US, the capitalist super power of the west, as communism went against all their political beliefs. To prevent the spread of communism the US created model states. This meant that countries would be moulded into a replica of the US in terms of their government and social values, but not so much so that they were potential competition for them; the US was still able to control them. Two examples of a model state are Japan and the Philippines, though the US had identical motives for the two countries, the final products were different in terms of their success.
The main objective of the US was to make both countries a democracy with free election...(short extract)

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