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Question: Level 5 Leadership questions
Unit 1: Use and develop systems that promote communication

1. Identify at least three different groups/individuals that you communicate with in your job role. Review the different communication needs of these groups/individuals (1.1)

2. Describe what you do at work that supports effective communication generally (1.2)

3. What are the barriers and challenges to communication within your service and job role? (1.3)

4. Describe your team/individual strategy for overcoming communication barriers (1.4)

5. Giving specific examples, describe at least two situations when you have used different means of communication to meet different needs (1.5)

6. Think about how you communicate with organisations/individuals you work in partnership with:
• Describe the communication systems you use (3.1)
• Compare the effectiveness of these communication systems (3.2)
• Propose improvements to these communication systems (3.3)

7. What are the legal and ethical tensions between maintaining confidentiality and sharing information? (4.1)

8. Describe the essential features of the information sharing agreements you have within your own organisation and with other organisations (4.2)

Answer: 1. Whilst working at Cherry Trees there are a number of different groups of people that I have to communicate with, there are other professionals that visit the citizens, this could include District Nurses from the Care Homes team, representatives from agencies such as the Dementia Outreach Team, the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards team (D O L S) representatives from the Care Quality Commission (CQ C) and the citizens Doctor (GP) for almost all of the professional visitors we are either expecting them or we know that they may visit at any time, there are also the relatives of the citizen’s that visit Cherry Trees, this could include sons & daughters, brothers and sisters of the citizens, family friends, grandchildren, and in some cases great-grandchildren or nieces & nephews that may occasionally visit their relatives who may be a citizen at Cherry Trees.

There are also the trade...(short extract)

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