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Question: Unit 14 Lead and Manage Group Living for Adults

Level: 5
AB 15A - Access Skills

Task Questions
1. Review and compare theoretical approaches to group living provision for adults. Which approach do you use and why? (1.1).

2. Discuss and evaluate the impact of legal and regulatory requirements. (1.2).

3. Review the balance between maintaining a safe environment and acceptable risk taking. How do you risk assess for this? (1.3).

4. How can the physical environment promote wellbeing? Give examples from your practice. Such as bright colours used to assist individuals with dementia. (1.4).

5. How has legislation impacted on daily living activities? (2.1).

6. How does group living promote positive outcomes for individuals, give examples from your practice? (3.1)

7. How do work schedules and patterns effect group living? (4.1)

8. How do you ensure that resources are managed? (4.6).

9. Review your latest inspection report and feedback from others. How well do you think you are managing group living? Could you make any improvements? Have you made improvements? What barriers are there to you making changes?

Answer: 1. Theoretical approaches to group living provision for adults. Group living environments are designed to meet the specific needs of all individuals allowing them to live as normal as possible rather than receiving institutional care. Group living can include such facilities as residential care homes, nursing care homes or sheltered housing. Even though the modern day approaches are focused on the idea that group living is a positive experience for the individual as it is person centred this was not always the case. From the 1850’s to the 1930’s group living environments were institutions. These places were used to house individuals who had suffered a decline in their mental state and were created by parliament. The individuals who were housed in these places had been deemed unproductive and vulnerable. The institutions where designed to be a refuge or a safe haven for individuals ...(short extract)

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