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Question: Task Name: Unit 2 Promote Professional Development

Level: 5
AB 12 - Access Skills

Task Questions
1) Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice (1.1)

2) Discuss at length the potential barriers to your own professional development and that of other team members (1.2)

3) Compare the use of different sources and systems of support for professional development. Give examples from your own practice (1.3)

4) Explain the factors that you consider when selecting opportunities and activities for keeping knowledge and practice up to date. Use recent examples (1.4)

5) Compare models of reflective practice (4.1)

6) Explain the importance of reflective practice to improve performance (4.2)

7) Evaluate how practice has been improved through reflection on best practice and reflection on failures (4.4)

Answer: 1. As a member of management it is even more vital that I am aware and up to date with the above, as part of my job role is to support, encourage and influence my team members to do well in their own roles. When looking at your own professional development you need to identify where you need extra training and support as it does not only impact on you but also the staff team you support, the organisation and people who use the service. Continuously improving my knowledge and practice will allow me to be a positive role model to my staff team, be confident in my own skills and abilities and lead a staff team with up to date and correct information to the highest of standards.
Professional development is about gaining the skills and knowledge both for personal development and for career enhancement. Improving personal development will benefit not only the company, staff team and the serv...(short extract)

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