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Question: Manage Health and Social Care Practice to Ensure Positive Outcomes for Individuals.
Lead Person-Centred Practice Lead Active Support. AB3

Question 1 - How does your organisation meet the 5 key questions?

- Are you safe? Describe as a manager, how you ensure the organisation is safe for everyone?

- Are you effective? Describe as a manager, how you ensure the care treatment and support given meets the service users’ needs

- Are you caring? Describe how you ensure that the team is caring, compassionate, kind, respectful and dignified.

- Are you responsive to service user’s needs? How do you ensure service users’ needs are met and their comments acted upon?

- Are you well led? Describe how you lead the team to ensure the quality of the service you provide.

Question 2 - Discuss the importance of outcome- based approaches, giving examples from your practice (the logic model is an example of outcome- based approaches). Discuss the regulations associated with outcome based practice (CQC Fundamental standards).

How has this made a positive change to the service users’ lives? Discuss at length and give some examples.

Question 4 - Research the psychological basis for well-being (using internet search engine). Describe two theories.

Question 5 - Reflective Account. Now that you have looked at outcome-based practice and the psychological basis for well-being. Write a reflective account to describe how you.

Question 6: Look at the HFT Fusion model - www.hft.org.uk
Compare this model to your organisational person-centred practice.
You should:
• Explain person-centred practice.
• Critically review approaches to person-centred practice (Fusion Model) and compare to your own model.
• How has legislation impacted on organisational policy and agreed ways of working? Use examples from your own practice.
• How can person-centred practice result in positive changes in an individual’s life?

Question 7:
• Explain how person-centred practice determines the way in which consent is established.
• How can person-centred practice assist individuals to have more control and choice over their decisions?
• Explain the steps that should be taken to ensure service users have choice and control over their decisions.

Question 8: Answer the following:
• How can active participation enhance the well-being and quality of life of an individual? Reflect on the systems you have in place to support active participation. How effective they are and any improvements you could make.
I feel I have covered this answer in the previous questions. I currently feel our systems are satisfactory and the client reviews and feedback support this

Question 9:
• Analyse the importance of working effectively with families and significant others to achieve positive outcomes.
• Explain how legislation and regulation have an impact on working with carers, families and significant others.

Question 10:
Review you answers to the above questions then answer:
A) How effective are your system at supporting person centred values and active support?
B) What changes could be made to improve:
C) Explain how you will lead the implementation of these changes.
D) Explain the principles behind practice leadership.

Answer: Question 1 - We are a newly regulated company so currently rolling out the training and systems as we induct our new staff.
All staff receive thorough checks during recruitment and every new member is not allowed to start work until clearance from their DBS and we have received three satisfactory references. We currently use word of mouth and recommendations to recruit our staff. We investigate any gaps in employment.
New recruits are then guided through the mandatory training before going out with a supervisor to meet the service user. They are then given supernumerary time to do further training and complete the care certificate and any other relevant training.
No staff member goes out alone until they feel safe, and the manager and the service user feel happy and comfortable.
All staff are regularly checked on their knowledge of how to report any safeguarding issues and we all g...(short extract)

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