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Question: 204 Equality, diversity and inclusion in work with young people.

1: Understand the importance of promoting equality and diversity in work with children and young people.
1.1 Identify the current legislation and codes of practice relevant to the promotion of equality and valuing of diversity
1.2 Describe the importance of supporting the rights of all children and young people to participation and equality of access.
1.3 Describe the importance and benefits of valuing and promoting cultural diversity in work with children and young people

2: Understand the impact of prejudice and discrimination on children and young people.
2.1 Describe ways in which children and young people can experience prejudice and discrimination.
2.2 Describe the impact of prejudice and discrimination on children and young people.
2.3 Assess how own attitudes, values and behaviour could impact on my work with children and young people.
2.4 Describe the importance of promoting anti discriminatory practice in work with children and young people.
2.5 Describe how to challenge discrimination.

3: Understand inclusion and inclusive practices in work with children and young people.
3.1 Describe what is meant by inclusion and inclusive practices.
3.2 Describe features of an inclusive setting for children and young people.
3.3 Describe how inclusion works in own sector of the children’s workforce.

Answer: 1.2 It is important as a practitioner that you ensure the children you work with are learning and playing in an inclusive environment as they all have a right to a broad and balanced curriculum. They also have a right to have equal access to the curriculum regardless of background, race, culture, gender, needs or disability. It is also imperative that you ensure you are aware of the needs of all the children you work with for example if they have EAL or SEN, if they are new to the school, if they have a different culture or ethnicity or if they are in foster care or in the adoption process. You need to allow children to have equal opportunities as it is part of their human rights – all children have a right to play and learn together. It is important that all children are not discriminated against in any way – if this happens you need to make sure that the correct measures are used t...(short extract)

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