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Question: CCY331 Develop and sustain effective working relationships with staff in other agencies

1 Understand the context of working in partnership.
1.1 Identify the nature, roles and functions, policies and procedures of principal agencies.
1.2 Identify structures, function, and methods of communication and decision making.
1.3 Identify the roles and responsibilities of key people who work in these agencies who are involved in joint working arrangements.
1.4 Identify the effect agency structure and culture may have upon the policy and practice of joint working.
1.5 Identify the effect of agency culture and structure upon policy and practice of working in partnership.
1.6 Explain the principles and benefits of working in partnership.

3 Sustain effective working relationships.
3.1 Identify the benefits and advantages of joint working and use these to develop own practice.
3.2 Identify factors which might hinder joint working.
3.3 Explain methods of identifying and resolving conflict within and between agencies and between individuals.
3.5 Explain and defend the views of your agency and its policies.

Answer: 1.1 It is the managers responsibility to develop policies and practices that ensure the safety, well-being and security of all service users, these will set out the responsibilities of staff and the procedures that they are expected to follow. Policies may be incorporated into one health and safety policy but must include safeguarding and whistle blowing policies and procedures in which to follow to protect individuals and how to report issues confidentially. At ST Peters Hospital we are a private healthcare organisation caring for vulnerable adults with mental health issues, the staff are all bound by policies and procedures whilst delivering care to service users, when agency staff come to work on the unit they are expected to follow the same policies and procedures and are entitled to have the same rights and working conditions that regular company employed staff have.
Should staff r...(short extract)

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