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Question: UNIT 89 - Manage health and social care practice to ensure positive outcomes for individuals

89.1 Understand the theory and principles that underpin outcome based practice
1.1 Explain ‘Outcome based practice’
1.4 Explain how outcome based practice can result in positive changes in ‘individuals’ lives

89.2 Be able to lead practice that promotes social, emotional, cultural, spiritual and intellectual well being
2.1 Explain the psychological basis for well-being

89.4 Be able to lead inclusive provision that gives individuals choice and control over the outcomes they want to achieve
4.1 Explain the necessary steps in order for individuals to have choice and control over decisions.

89.5 Be able to manage effective working partnerships with carers, families and significant others to achieve positive outcomes
5.4 Explain how legislation and regulation influence working relationships with carers, families and significant others.

Answer: 1.4 Involving the service user and stakeholders in shaping services continues to be an important activity within Priory Adult Care and specifically to Mount View House as it continues to grow as a care provider. Each month I spend time with each individuals relatives, key workers and core teams using feedback materials to critically discuss the issues, challenges and benefits in involving the individual to shape and develop services.
The emergence of the service user movement over the past 20-30 years has been one of the most important developments affecting social care policy. Up until this point, social care provision was largely shaped by politicians, managers, academics, planners and practitioners, with service users generally having little or no say (Beresford, 2001). However, there is now a substantial body of evidence to show that service users particularly value provision in whi...(short extract)

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