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Question: Unit Title: Support person-centred thinking and planning
Unit sector reference: LD 302
Level: 3
Credit value: 5
Guided learning hours: 41
Unit expiry date: 30/04/2015
Unit accreditation number: A/601/7215

• Interpret current policy, legislation and guidance underpinning person-centred thinking and plan.

• Analyse the relationship between person-centred planning and the commissioning and delivery of services.

• Describe how person-centred planning and person-centred reviews influence strategic commissioning.

• Explain what a person-centred team is.

• Explain how person-centred thinking can be used within a team.

• Analyse how to achieve successful implementation of person-centred thinking and planning across an organisation.

• Describe the role of the manager in implementing person-centred thinking and planning. Explain how this relates to the role of a facilitator.

• Explain the range of ways to use person-centred thinking, planning and reviews in own role:
- with individuals
- as a team member.

• Explain the different person-centred thinking skills required to support individuals.

• Identify challenges that may be faced in implementing person-centred thinking, planning and reviews in own work.

• Describe how challenges in implementing person-centred thinking, planning and reviews might be overcome.

Answer: For person centred planning the individual decides what they want and this might not be from the services that are on offer. This can be difficult for Care Managers to commission services as they may not be wanted or needed. For example, many homes have been structured according to the people’s disabilities or needs like people with Down Syndrome, autism, learning and physical disabilities. Many of these small residential homes have been founded on the belief that people with similar levels of needs should live together. With person centred planning, people with disabilities should be supported to choose who they live with, if there is any, how they live, where they live and who supports them. In order for individuals to have the same freedoms and choices as the rest of the society, the services that are commissioned must provide the needs of the individual and not be service led.
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