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Question: Unit Title: Support individuals to manage their finances
Unit sector reference: HSC 3023
Level: 3
Credit value: 3
Guided learning hours: 20
Unit accreditation number: D/601/7904

1. Identify sources of information and advice about methods and services for managing personal finances

2. Identify sources of information and advice about benefits and allowances

3. Describe the role of others who may be involved in supporting individuals to manage their own finances

4. Explain how to access advice on safeguarding against financial abuse

5. Describe how and when to access specialist expertise about managing financial affairs

6. Identify legislation, codes of practice and agreed ways of working that apply when providing support to manage financial affairs

7. Work with the individual to identify the skills they have for managing their own finances

8. Identify an individual’s preferred methods and services for managing their finances

9. Explain the importance of reflective practice in continuously improving the quality of service provided

10. Explain how standards inform reflective practice in adult social care

11. Explain how people may react and respond to receiving constructive feedback

12. Explain the importance of seeking feedback to improve practice and inform development

13. Explain the importance of using feedback in improving own practice

14. Explain how finding out the history, preferences, wishes and needs of an individual contributes to their care plan

15. Describe ways to put person-centred values into practice in a complex or sensitive situation

16. Evaluate the use of care plans in applying person-centred values

17. Explain the importance of monitoring an individual’s changing needs or preferences

18. Describe factors that influence the capacity of an individual to express consent

19. Explain how to establish consent for an activity or action

20. Explain what steps to take if consent cannot be readily established

21. Explain the principles of active participation

22. Explain how the holistic needs of an individual can be addressed by active participation

23. Explain how to work with an individual and others to agree how active participation will be implemented

24. Explain how to promote the understanding and use of active participation.

25. Describe different approaches to support an individual to make informed choices

26. Describe how to support an individual to question or challenge decisions concerning them that are made by others

27. Explain the consequences of allowing the personal views of others to influence an individual’s choices

28. Explain the links between identity, self image and self esteem

29. Explain factors that contribute to the well-being of an individual

30. Explain the importance of supporting an individual in a way that promotes their sense of identity, self-image and self esteem

31. Describe ways to contribute to an environment that promotes well-being

32. Compare different uses of risk assessment in adult social care settings

33. Explain how risk assessment relates to rights and responsibilities

34. Explain how risk-taking relates to rights and responsibilities

35. Explain why risk assessments need to be regularly revised

36. Explain the importance of using agreed risk assessment processes to support choice

Answer: 1. The most important information and advice could be accessed on relevant Internet Websites Online such as Financial Services, consulting the Citizen Advice Bureau can be another one which most people use as they can walk in and ask as many questions as they can compared to searching online where only information is provided. Speaking to a Financial Advisor at a bank is another source of information and advice including Council Offices. All these offer information that has been useful to many and methods for managing personal finances such budgeting, tracking income and expenditure, making payments on time and never skip them, keeping money safely, managing debts and keeping financial records. A balance between income and expenditure is key as one has to live within their means. Spending more than one’s income can lead to serious debts.

2. The sources of information and advice ab...(short extract)

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