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Question: Unit 17 Understand theories of relationships and social networks.
Unit Reference Number: - HSC 3021

Assignment Question 1 Understand the relevance of relationship theories to health and social care practice.
1.1 Compare key principles of relationship theories.
1.2 Analyse ways in which an understanding of relationship theories can enhance health and social care practice.

Assignment Question 2 Understand the impact of relationships and social networks on well-being and self-esteem.
2.1 Describe the benefits of supportive relationships and social networks for an individual’s well-being and self esteem.
2.2 Describe the possible impact of difficult or dysfunctional relationships on an individual’s wellbeing and self-esteem.
2.3 Analyse the features of supportive relationships and dysfunctional relationships.

Assignment Question 3 Understand factors that can influence the process of a relationship.
3.1 Explain the processes involved in the development, maintenance and breakdown of relationships.
3.2 Analyse how the development, maintenance and breakdown of relationships can be influenced by:
• Social factors
• Economic factors
• Cultural factors
• Psychological factors
• Physical factors.

Answer: 3.1 The first step in development of a relationship for care management is the actual introduction. A referral can come from the service user themselves, a family member or carer, or a professional (Medical or other) that is involved with the service users, such as an occupational therapist, community physiotherapist, district nurse, doctor or police. Once the initial contact has been made via the telephone then a time and date are arranged where the initial meeting will take place. This is done in an environment suitable to the service user’s needs and wants, so if they are in hospital awaiting discharge, then the first meet could be on a ward or in a day room where there may be more privacy, and if the service user so wishes their family may also be present. If the first meeting is at the service user’s home address then again it is best to ask them if they wish to invite family me...(short extract)

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