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Question: Scholars in feminist legal studies have been divided over how feminism should approach the issue of pornography. Outline the key positions in this debate, setting out the strengths and weaknesses of their perspectives.

Answer: The issue of pornography has always been a grappling dilemma for many feminists since the 1970s. This essay aims to analyse the ongoing debate.

First, it will dissect the anti-pornography stance led by anti-pornography feminists, and address the judicial efforts to combat pornography. Then, an evaluation of the anti-pornography notion will be made through the comparison with another school of thought.

Anti-Pornography Activism
In 1981, Andrea Dworkin published a book analysing the contemporary and historical pornography as an industry that perpetuates devaluation and dehumanization of women. She emphasized that pornography is shown through the male gaze where women undergo humiliation and subordination. She wrote that men occupy a powerful position that is upheld by the law and society, and they use it to subordinate women. She reiterated her view in Against the Male Flood:

Th...(short extract)

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