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Question: Forensic essay: offender risk assessment and management plan.

Scenario Used
Marcus is a 37-year-old white British male living in Wales. Marcus is currently unemployed and receives Job seekers allowance. He receives no support from his family as he is estranged from them. Since childhood, Marcus has experienced many symptoms such as; auditory hallucinations, distorted cognitions and disorganised thinking. The first indicator of symptoms was evident when Marcus was 16 and destroyed his older step brother’s bedroom as he believed he was ‘inside his head’. Since then Marcus has become well known to the local hospital and social services and has been admitted to hospital on two separate occasions. One of those occasions when Marcus was 26, he reported having believed that cameras were watching him at his work place. These delusional beliefs resulted in Marcus destroying his and 3 other colleague’s computers in an aggressive rant. Police were involved, and he was later hospitalised. On another occasion when Marcus was 29 his roommate reported having come home to find Marcus unconscious after a suicide attempt of taking a cocktail of pain killers and alcohol. Marcus was then hospitalised and admitted having an addiction to alcohol, binge drinking beer and spirits weekly. Approximately 6 months ago, Marcus was detained by police on suspicion of a serious assault; where a local man was stabbed outside a pub and sustained significant injuries. Witnesses have identified a man of Marcus’s description having been excessively drunk at the time of assaulting the man. During the interview after his arrest, Marcus was reserved and seemed to have minimised his symptoms but admitted that the last 12 months leading up to the assault, reported having experienced his symptoms more intense and having been more dependent on alcohol. Marcus was diagnosed with major depressive disorder at age 34 and prescribed medication Prozac at a dosage of 20mg three times a day for depression and pregabalin at a 222mg dosage twice a day for generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). Which Marcus has admitted to not taking regularly. Based on evidence submitted, Marcus has been detained in a secure mental health facility and will be undergoing risk assessment and treatment.

Answer: Summary
The following report presents a risk assessment and management plan for Marcus. This is based on classifying Marcus as mentally unstable and prone to violent outbursts. This suggests a high risk of persistence/reoccurrence and risk factors associated with violent behaviour, suicidal tendencies, possible alcohol dependency, depression/anxiety and major mental illness is considered likely due to the symptoms Marcus has displayed such as auditory hallucinations, distorted cognitions and dissociative experiences. These risk factors will be assessed using a range of measure including The Multiple Iterative Classification Tree, The Violence Risk Appraisal Guide, The Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale, The Mental Status Examination, The Suicide Intent Scale alongside Becks Depression Inventory and Hopelessness Scale. Recommended interventions will also be provided based on the outcome of t...(short extract)

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