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Question: What does The Tempest tell us about power? Explore ways in which Shakespeare portrays power and authority.

Prospero - the only one with absolute power or not?

Answer: Prospero is the main character in the play – all events started because he enjoyed magic too much and forgot about his dukedom and his duties. He forgot that he had Dukedom and daughter. He lost all his power and authority and that linked to the beginning of this play.

Act 1 scene 1 Shakespeare a picture of a shipwreck. Its a huge cruel tempest around the ship. Writer uses exclamation marks (!) to show how scared people are on the ship and that they really believe that they going to die soon: «All lost! To prayers, to prayers, all lost!». - repetitive language here as well - People are loosing their mind in fear of such a cruel death. People just running around, waiting for their end and praying to God. This is one of the scenes when Prospero shown nearly as a God - he is in control of people’s life and that is his decision - to kill them or to let them live.

Prospero wants ...(short extract)

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