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Question: Funding Proposal Draft – Using green infrastructure to absorb excess rain water

Table of Contents
1. Project summary 3
2. Project Description 4
3. Budget and Justification 10
4. Work Cited 12

Answer: Project Summary
When heavy storms pass through, the excess rainwater turns into runoff. The extra flow of water can wash pollutants down sewers and drains that lead into reservoirs and bodies of water that go back into the public water supply. There are various types of green infrastructure that can be implemented to absorb excess runoff. The engineers on the team have decided to focus on rain gardens; this particular type of infrastructure uses plants to redirect the flow of runoff into the ground and away from main water sources.

The team plans to provide a class that offers the public a better understanding on what rain gardens actually do for the environment. Since it can be assumed that not everyone knows what exactly a rain garden does, the educational aspect of the project is very important. The class would also highlight how the rain gardens are beneficial to the public. In ...(short extract)

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