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Question: Explain and evaluate how you use at least two appropriate learning theories to enhance teaching/learning experiences in your own subject specialist area. Include, where appropriate, references to ICT.


Answer: The cognitive theorists believe that learners are not passive receptors of stimuli, but rather, the learner’s mind is actively engaging and processing the information it is receiving and converting it into new forms and categories during learning.

I agree with Bruner cognitivist theory (1961) as he emphasised that students should be taught how to think and analyse problems for themselves so that they can become independent learners. He considers the learning process as transforming learning and obtaining information, with regard to existing knowledge and then checking it against new situation.

At the beginning of lesson, I use a cognitive approach to facilitate the learning process by designing lessons that will empower and help my learners to discover the relationship between bits of information and to recap prior learning through questions and answers, thereby expanding their...(short extract)

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