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Question: CACHE 3 Unit 5 The principles underpinning the role of the practitioner working with children.

E1- Describe the responsibility of the practitioner in professional relationships.

E2- Discuss TWO (2) issues which contribute to maintaining professional relationships with children and adults.

E3 - Explain the value of a multi-professional approach when working with children and parents.

E4- Describe the benefits of developing reflective practice within the setting.

E5 - Summarise the main principles that underpin work with children.

E6- Explain the importance of valuing children’s interests and experience.

E7- Collate information about ONE (1) recent initiative and ONE (1) piece of current research which relate to provision for children.

D1- Explain the importance of reflective practice for improving your own performance.

D2- Discuss TWO (2) strategies for improving your own learning and performance.

C1- Analyse how the main principles that underpin work with children can support the practitioners’ practice in the setting.

B1- Evaluate how the recent initiative supports practice within early years settings.

A1- Evaluate how the current research can support practitioners’ professional practice.

Answer: As a care practitioner, you will have clear responsibilities in your role as a child care practitioner that should be outlined. Being a care practitioners just doesn’t mean you have to care just for a child, the job requires you to maintain professional relationships with the children, their parents and work colleagues. Working in a professional environment as a care practitioner it is vital that you work as part of a team to provide a quality service for children and their parents. The team will also involve parents, as you are working with the parents as partners, you will respect the parents as they have the main information about their child and as a care practitioner you should encourage the parent’s to be involved in a child’s learning as it will create a positive environment for the child. This also requires that the care practitioners work according to the principles of the...(short extract)

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