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Question: Provide a critical piece of writing exploring transition and change in children’s lives together with the strategies available to professionals in health, education and social care fields to promote resilience and reduce risk.

Answer: Transitions can be defined as being any sort of change that occurs in a child’s life, these transitions may change a child’s routine. A transition is not always a change of setting, it can be as simple as a new member of staff being introduced or a new person collecting a child from the setting (Allingham, 2011). Transitions can be referred to as being horizontal, vertical or internal (O,Connor, 2013). Fincham and Fellner (2016) state that transitions are a part of everyday life, people experience transitions wherever they go, this may be moving house, going to school, relationships and/or losing or gaining family members. Transitions are not the same for every child or their family, therefore this should not be assumed (Kehily, 2009).
Research has acknowledged the ways in which transitions can threaten and challenge our sense of self-esteem, self-confidence and self-efficiency as ...(short extract)

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