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Question: TMA 06 Option 6 Identify two groups of children or young people who are ‘at the margins’ of educational and / or community life and discuss the processes that marginalize them. These might be real groups that you know or work with, or groups you identified in Unit 16-18. Evaluate some of the schemes intended to promote their inclusions and / or address their exclusion.

E214 Equality, participation and inclusion: learning from each other

Answer: Mainstream Schools are structured to accommodate the Curriculums designed for pupils that have no special needs; however, over the last few decades, schools settings have changed to accommodate children with different needs and they are constantly reviewing their facilities and knowledge in order to be able to include all pupils, regardless of their individual needs. This is indeed a very challenging task that every school faces with the aim to be inclusive and accommodate all needs.

The code of conduct of every school state that every pupil need to be included in the setting of the schools from the Curriculum to social activities to the integration in the social setting outside the school.

Despite the efforts that teaching staff and the government make to ensure that every school is inclusive, there are disable children that have specific needs that are allowing the mainstream se...(short extract)

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