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Question: TMA 01 Part A 1. How does this extract from a newspaper article support the argument that British childhood is "in crisis"?
TMA 01 Part A 2. What are the strengths and limitations of the extract as a piece of evidence for this argument? [Word count 687]

TMA 01 Part B How have scientific theories of development had an impact on contemporary understandings of children's social and emotional development? [Word count 1455]

Answer: TMA 01 Part A Bennett's article talks about how parents rarely say no to their children's demands but instead supply them with expensive toys and belongings, which she labels being locked into a "compulsive consumption cycle" (Bennett, 2011). This supports Palmers view of childhood in crisis where she suggests that technological and cultural changes are to blame for what she terms a "toxic cocktail" which is damaging children's social, emotional and cognitive development. Palmer believes that children now put too much importance on owning material things to make them happy, and that this consumerism is the key element of the damaging cocktail, giving children a distorted view of what happiness is (Kehily, 2013).
The article mentions that Britain's children are the unhappiest in the developed world and that Britain has the highest rates of obesity and poor health, among other pro...(short extract)

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