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Question: TMA 02 PART A Look at the image below and answer the following question.
[Image of children in a playground] oodyer, 2013 pg.73)
In the 1950s, folklorists Peter and Iona Opie set out ‘To experience the life of the playground at its own pace’. How does the collecting of children’s rhymes and games contribute to our understanding of children’s culture? [Word count 825]

TMA 02 Part B Critically evaluate the view that children are active and creative in their relationships with media, online cultures and commercial goods. [Word count 1650]

Answer: TMA 02 Part A Peter and Iona Opie were folklorists who set out to research the culture of childhood (Woodyer, 2013, pg.63). They wanted to look into children's traditions and whether they still exist and to see what children did in their free time. As folklore is concerned with customs, proverbs, observances and such like, childhood studies of this type tend to have play at the centre and in order to carry out their research, they both studied children at play and, as the picture above shows, often participated in this too (Woodyer, 2013, pg.71-72).
Looking at the picture, it could be said that the children look a little bemused at the adults joining in with their world and their looks could be seen to show evidence of them humouring the adults, this and the staged rather than spontaneous look of the shot could suggest that they haven't let them into their world at all, rather they h...(short extract)

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