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Question: TMA 03 Part A Look at the image below and answer the following question.

[Image of children playing a street]
(Source: Getty Images/Thurston Hopkins)
"Street Kids. 7th August 1954: Children playing in the London streets during the school holidays. Juvenile crime and accidents always escalate during this period." Picture Post

Discuss the above image, and accompanying caption, in relation to children's use of public spaces, particularly the street. [Word count 805]

TMA 03 Part B To what extent do children shape their own spaces and relationships? Discuss this question in relation to the school and the home/family. [Word count 1603]

Answer: TMA 03 Part A The picture shows boys in the street, there aren't any adults around and they appear to be playing a game, some of them with what look like sticks. The caption says that this is during the school holidays in 1954 and mentions the increase of crime and accidents among children during those times, suggesting that children in the street on their own is a problem.
According to Kraftl (2013) the street is seen as a public space available for everyone to use, however the caption suggests that children being on the street increases crime which leads to the question of whose space is it? Describing children as weeds, Jenks (2013) suggests that their whereabouts causes them to be noticeable and that they are out of place if they are in a space deemed 'adult'. Valentine notes that public space often appears as adult naturally due to the constrictions put upon children by adults...(short extract)

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