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Question: TMA 03
Enhancing and extending children’s learning.
Project submission.
‘Reflective practice and professional development.’

Answer: I have chosen 2 activities for the children in my care.

· A Collage Activity: Planned for a child aged 3 years.
· A Gardening Activity: Planned for a child aged 4 years.

Paper, glue and a wide selection of various items will be placed with in easy reach of Child A.
A selection of garden tools and equipment will be provided for the outdoor garden activity.

Both children are at the Foundation Stage level of education and the activities have been planned following the guidance.

Each activity will have children of varying ages taking part and can/will be adapted accordingly, giving each child an equal opportunity to take part.

Example 1.

The first activity planned is Collage. The child aged 3 years is a sociable child who enjoys craft activities with others. He has during recent observation shown a very creative disposition, and has gained confidence and independence...(short extract)

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