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Question: Question: TMA 03 Observation to support learning - A ‘pen portrait’ of the child.

Peer assessment
Acting on feedback
Why do we observe and assess?
Analysis of observation.
Student self-assessment academic language and learning checklist

E111 Supporting learning in primary schools

Answer: A ‘pen portrait’ of the child.
For this part of my assignment I chose to observe Sammo (EAL case study video). Sammo is a seven-year-old boy with lightly tanned skin and short black hair which is shaved and styled at the top. He is originally from the Czech Republic and is learning English as a second language. The only time he speaks English is within school and with his peers. He is very eager to learn, gets excited and likes being able to contribute which according to his teacher Louise Chatterton are his strengths. He has made huge progress in his understanding and ability to speak English but still faces challenges in terms of being able to put his sentences into clear structures.

Why do we observe and assess?
Observation and assessment are crucial elements in education as these help adults to obtain relevant information to review and plan provision. Gaps, strengths ...(short extract)

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