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Question: TMA 03 - Observing and Assessing Children

The objectives of this assignment are to demonstrate your awareness and understanding of observations in class, assessment based on learning and practices relating to observation and assessment of children.

Answer: I have complied with the ethical considerations for this E111 module. (The Open University, 2014) and the name of the child has been changed, for data protection.

Pen portrait
I have chosen a 6 year old girl, currently in year 2. Summer is always of smart appearance, in the correct uniform and always has her PE kit.

Summer has an outgoing personality, but she can be sensitive. Summer has a small network of friends she always plays with but gets along with most children.

Summer enjoys coming to school, and has good attendance. She's happy little girl who has a cheery smile on her face, she is very helpful and is keen to jobs around the classroom for the teacher.
Academically Summer is achieving well, her levels are 2b-Literacy, 2a-Reading and 2b-Numeracy.
Summer always tries her best in class and often asks when she doesn't quite understand. Summer is part of a group who hav...(short extract)

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