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Question: TMA 01 What are my memories of playing OR of being creative as a child? [Word count 539]

TMA 01 How do I think my experiences influence my attitude towards play and creativity today? [Word count 464]

[Total word count: 1,003]

E110 Young children's play and creativity

Answer: TMA 01 What are my memories of playing OR of being creative as a child?
What I can remember as a child, at around the age of 6 years old, I had my very own little play room in the conservatory and inside the play room, I had my own craft box, full of different craft items such as paint, glue, glitter, paper, buttons and lots of other different other fun little bits and bobs. I was able to sit for hours and hours creating lots of different projects, pictures and models which I would be very proud of. I would save up all my pocket money, so that I could buy craft resources in my local shops. I would take my craft box with me everywhere, whether it be to a relative’s house, the back garden or away on holiday. I also remember spending one to one time with my mum, dad, nan and making something special together. For example, we would make an angel to put on the top of the Christmas tree usi...(short extract)

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  • Subject: Childhood Studies
  • Course: E110 Young children's play and creativity
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  • Date written: March, 2018
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