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Question: TMA 02 The objectives of this assignment are for you to demonstrate your knowledge, understanding and awareness of:
• Including all children in different learning experiences within a primary school environment
• Meeting individual needs within the primary school environment
• Individual- and group-support needs and solutions within the primary school environment.
• To address these objectives in this TMA, you will write about a child or small group of children who require additional support. If possible, you should write about a child or group of children from your placement setting.

Including all children
1 My understanding of inclusive practice within a primary school setting: (208 words)
2 Rationale for additional support: Case study (426 words)
3 Approaches to supporting learning: (990 words)
4 Reflecting on the support: (320 words)
5 Conclusion: (166 words)
Maximum 2000 words

E103 Learning and teaching in the primary years

Answer: 1 - Inclusion is the idea that everyone should be able to use the same facilities, take part in the same activities, and enjoy the same experiences, including people who have a disability or other disadvantage . Inclusion is not just a concept but nowadays it is also a right. Although in principle, the idea of being inclusive seems easy to understand, putting it in place in schools proves to be very difficult. My placement school is an international non-profit school. There are 440 students that attend my placement school; around half of them are primary school students. Around 30 per cent of the students come from the host country, the rest come from countries all around the world, which means that the school had to adapt its program and curriculum in order to provide education for all students (Study Topic/6.2./p159-160).
I have been fortunate to work with various classes and primary...(short extract)

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