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Question: TMA 04 Essay plan [Word count 471]

TMA 04 Transitions beyond childhood
Children’s agency is defined in the E102 Glossary as ‘their ability to understand, make choices and act upon their world, and to be competent and interactive members of society from birth’ ( The Open University, 2018)
Chapter 11 of the E102 reader concludes that ‘the commercial world can potentially be empowering for young people, as it takes their desires seriously and provides a site for their agency’ (Kehily, 2016, p252).
Evaluate the arguments for and against Kehily’s view. In doing so, you should draw on views and materials in E102, in both the module Reader and online activities. [Word count 1665]

E102 Introduction to childhood studies and child psychology

Answer: TMA 04 Transitions beyond childhood
The commercial world has provided a seemingly endless array of products aimed at children; clothes, food, electronics, books, toys and games, to name but a few. Even the term ‘tweenager’ is a marketing creation to define children within a certain age range (9-13) as a consumer group, a group who are very influential and can be incredibly hard to please. Within this essay I will be looking at the arguments to support, and to argue, Kehily’s view that the commercial world is a potentially empowering environment for young people, taking their desires seriously and providing a site for their agency (Kehily, 2016, p252). I will focus on the influence children have as a consumer in the ever expanding market of products that are aimed towards them, the theories on adolescence from both Hall (1904) and Bandura (1964), the differing views of sexualisatio...(short extract)

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