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Question: TMA 02 a. Describe and explain the impact on children of their early emotional interactions with others.

TMA 02 b. Describe and explain the potential impact on children’s development of variations in the parenting they experience.

Part 2: Reflection
TMA 02 a. What were the key areas of academic or study skills development your tutor identified as needing to be addressed in TMA 01?

TMA 02 b. Describe how you took the developmental points identified by your tutor into account in writing TMA 02.

E102 Introduction to childhood studies and child psychology

Answer: TMA 02 a. Babies are born with very limited capabilities and need to rely heavily on their primary care giver for all forms of support. Due to this, the bond that is formed between infant and the primary care giver is an incredibly important relationship. It can have an impact on the social and emotional development of a child for years to come. The first years of an infant’s life are a time of rapid growth in all areas of development, and their widening social interactions can help to mould their future social relationships. British philosopher John Locke (1632-1704) believed that children were born a blank page with no knowledge, but since then research has suggested otherwise. It is now thought that children are born with very basic capabilities to develop early social relationships. The majority of research has focused on the relationship between mother and child, but the primary c...(short extract)

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