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Question: TMA 01 - Perspectives on Children and Childhoods

Part 1 Exploring your motivations for study and demonstrating understanding of module content
a. Describe your own particular interest(s) in children and childhoods that motivated you to study this module. Your interest(s) might be professional, personal or general. [239 words]

b. For the interest(s) you described in (a) above, which perspective(s) on children and childhoods presented in Block 1 connect with these interest(s), and how do they connect?
[246 words]

c. How might another perspective (view) on children and childhoods that is presented in Block 1 contribute further to your developing understanding of children and childhoods?
[158 words]

Part 2 Reflections on learning skills 500words
a. In relation to your learning on E102 so far, what have you learned about yourself regarding your academic study skills and habits? What are your strengths? What areas are in need of improvement? 280 words.

b. What academic resources or sources of support could you draw upon to address these aspects of your learning that you think you need to improve? [203 words]

Word count - 1126
E102 Introduction to childhood studies and child psychology

Answer: Part 1 a. I first decided to study ‘An introduction to childhood studies and child psychology’ with the Open University as I want to progress in to working with children by becoming a primary school teacher. I could not go to university full time due to work commitments and financial reasons therefore as I currently work with a teaching agency part time I thought that studying with the Open University from home would be the perfect solution for me to further my career. I am especially interested in developing my knowledge about children further so that I can develop into being more than just a teacher and being able to understand why children develop that way they do and how it happens. I would also like to generally widen my understanding of children and after doing some research and reading about what this module was about I felt that it was the correct path to go along. I am also ...(short extract)

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  • Subject: Psychology
  • Course: E102 Introduction to childhood studies and child psychology
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  • Words: 1126
  • Date submitted: November 19, 2019
  • Date written: March, 2018
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