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Question: TMA 01 Part 1
Describe two psychological terms. Using your own words, describe what is meant by the terms ‘intelligence quotient’ and ‘emotional intelligence’, and why each is useful in psychology, drawing on the material presented in Investigating Intelligence. Word limit: 100 words each.

TMA 01 Part 2
Make sense of data in a table. Answer questions, identify patterns and interpret some of the information about data presented in a table. Word limit: 100 words + three multiple-choice questions.

TMA 01 Part 3
Reflective component. Reflect on participation in the collaborative activities forums. Not graded but 5 marks deducted if not completed. Word limit: 100

DE100 Investigating psychology 1

Answer: TMA 01 Part 1 Intelligence quotient (IQ) is the score derived from a test designed to measure a person’s intellectual ability compared to the average of the general population. (Byford, McAvoy and Banyard, 2014). The score of 100 is taken as the average, so test results of more than 100 would indicate above average intelligence and scores below 100 would suggest below average intelligence. Psychologists mostly use Intelligence testing and IQ scores to assess individuals with specific learning needs. IQ tests are also used for screening and selection, for example, for school admissions or recruitment in the workplace (The Open University, 2018).
WC - 98

Emotional Intelligence is the ability of an individual to recognise and manage their own emotions and those of others (Byford, McAvoy and Banyard, 2014). Psychologists believe that there are four components to Emotional Intelligence:...(short extract)

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