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Question: TMA 04 “Schema theory leaves little in the way of choice or control” (p. 68). Evaluate this claim using evidence from Chapter 7 (Book 1). Mark: 82%

Answer: The theory of schemas is that packaged information is held about certain ‘objects’; ie. people, events or situations, and that this information is automatically retrieved when stimuli, which appear to match the schema, are perceived so that common situations can be easily and quickly processed and that this process happens automatically. In this way, schemas are a highly cost-efficient way of processing sometimes complex information quickly. Schema contain expectations and predictions for familiar events or situations so that decision making can be as efficient as possible when the situation appears to match the schema. (Interestingly enough, this is extremely similar to the way in which computer data is compressed for images and video; pixels are recorded in patterns of similar colours and shapes. The pattern is then recognised and repeated using co-ordinates, which means that only ...(short extract)

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  • Subject: Psychology
  • Course: DSE212 Exploring Psychology
  • Level: Degree
  • Year: 1st
  • Mark: 82%
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  • Date submitted: February 09, 2016
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