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Question: TMA 02 Part 1 – Referencing Exercise. [Word Count 323]

TMA 02 Part 2 Outline the similarities and differences between Bandura et al.’s (1963) and Livingstone et al.’s (2014) studies on the effects of media violence on children. [Word Count 905]

TMA 02 Part 3 – Reflective Component. [Word Count 78]

Answer: TMA 02 Part 2 Does media violence have an effect on children? This has been a question for many studies over the years. It can be observed in a study by Bandura et al., which looked at groups of children’s aggressive behaviour towards a doll in several different experimental and controlled conditions. This question is also present in a study by Livingstone et al., where face to face surveys were administered to over 25,000 children in their homes based around ‘What things on the internet would bother people of about your age?’. Here, both the differences and similarities of the two studies will be examined on the effects media violence has on children.

Let’s start by looking at both studies and the similarities, in both studies they looked at media violence on children. A brief look at Bandura et al. (1963) study, he observed 96 children of equal boys and girls aged between 35...(short extract)

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