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Question: TMA 03 Part 1 Evaluate the contribution of interview research to our understanding of friendship’. [Word count 915]

TMA 03 Part 2 Write the Method section based on participant data supplied by the DE100 team. [Word count 203]

TMA 03 Part 3 Reflect on your writing skills and consider how they are developing as you progress through the module. [Word count 98]

Answer: TMA 03 Part 1 - Friendship has long been a tough word to characterise as there are many different relationships within the term ‘friend’, these can be best friends, good friends and family members to name a few. Many psychologists over the years have used many different techniques to try to understand what friendship really is. This essay will evaluate some of the different studies that have used interview technique research for understanding friendship and what they did. Also looking at what some of the advantages are for using this technique whist noting some of the limitations that come along with it.

One psychologist that used interviews as a qualitative research method was William Damon (Brownlow,2012a), his approach was to have a list of questions many of which were open ended to ask children about friendship and friendships they had. This kind of study does come with its l...(short extract)

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