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Question: TMA 03 Task One Interviewee preparation and confidentiality. [Word count 478]

TMA 03 Task Two Interview research topic of ‘a single mother is facing a sudden change in their personal circumstances’. [Word count 842]

Answer: The Interview Itself
The interview location, her house, worked extremely well. I felt that as this was her home, she naturally felt at ease. However, one disadvantage was she was trying to make me feel at home too, therefore creating distractions unnecessarily. However, these were welcome in order to help her feel more natural in her home environment, as I felt her nerves on the day.
During the interview I was surprised by her reactions and answers to some of my questions. I think this is down to myself and knowing her personally. I believe I had pre-empted what her responses were going to be. Upon some of their answers, I did feel a little anxious as they were not the answers I expected; therefore they slightly threw me off the plan of questions I had already prepared. I did, however, manage to ask all of my questions.
The beginning of the interview I found listening to her answers...(short extract)

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  • Subject: Social Policy
  • Course: DD305 Personal Lives and Social Policy
  • Level: Degree
  • Year: 2nd/3rd
  • Mark: Not available
  • Words: 1320
  • Date submitted: December 05, 2017
  • Date written: December, 2016
  • References: Yes
  • Document type: Essay*
  • Essay ID: 8209

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