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Question: TMA 02 Troubled Families Programme: A Critical Report.
DD305 Personal Lives and Social Policy

1. Introduction

2. An overview of the programme
2.1 Why it was introduced
2.2 How families qualify
2.3 The overall aim of the programme

3. Neo-Liberalism and Welfare

4. Evidence
4.1 Government claims
4.2 A critical analysis, including an opinion of David Cameron

5. Summary

6. References

Answer: Introduction
This report is based on the Troubled Families Programme (TFP) and the government's claims that this is has not only been a success with more than 105,000 families but has also save the UK taxpayers £1.2 billion. Although the success claims show a ‘perfect’ policy this report will dive deeper into the evidence and critically evaluate how it has tackled inequality, reduced poverty and the dependence on welfare.

Why has the Troubled Families Programme been introduced?
The programme was introduced by the government in order to help troubled families turn their lives around. This was put in place to tackle the underlying problems these families put on the government's budget overall, but also to channel into their potential and to stop the vicious cycle that troubled families face. Therefore the Troubled Families Programme aims for long lasting changes within each of ...(short extract)

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