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Question: TMA 01 Task One - The concepts of the personal, social policy and mutual constitution.
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TMA 01 Task Two - Identifying the main themes and arguments in the article, ‘Sexual violence in schools is endemic. The government can't ignore it any longer’ by Okolosie, L. (2016).
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Answer: Within this module I have discovered three main concepts – the personal, social policy and mutual constitution. At first glance they seem pretty self-explanatory, however they are often quite misunderstood.

The most misconstrued of the three concepts is ‘the personal’, I believe this is down to it being seemingly obvious; as everyone has a personal life and situation, however ‘the personal’ is more complex than that. Every individual has their own pathway that they ‘belong’ to; including their ambitions, their own opportunities, experiences, expectations and relationships. We are able to, for analytical purposes, break down these factors that help constitute ‘the personal’ into four spheres:
• Linking broader social relations to main divisions of gender, class, ethnicity, location, age and bodily ability
• Dialogue and knowledge about different social groups
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