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Question: TMA 02 Compare and contrast alternative psychological accounts of nationalism and national identity.(Word Count 1498)

TMA 02 Part Two – short answer questions
a. Briefly describe the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (RSES) and explain it’s value for psychological research into self-esteem. (Word Count 234)
b. Explain what psychologist mean by ‘social constructionism’ in the context of understanding conflict in relationships. (Word Count 244)

DD210 Living Psychology Mark 80%
BSc Psychology

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Answer: Psychologist have been researching nationalism and nation identity for over fifty years however, these concepts have not been clearly defined at this point. One attempt involves nationalism can be described as ‘hot’, this is considered extreme and examples of this may include immigration in the European vote in the UK, and ‘banal’, where people feel part of the history and tradition of a nation (Billig 1995). However, it is important to consider that there are many variations on the definition of nationalism and nations identity and these will be explored further. Reicher and Hopkins (2001) discuss that idea of nations through politics and social changes. Additionally, immigration may impact a nation therefore exploring contrasting views on whether it has a positive or negative impact may be useful. Finally, Green and Staerle (2013) cited in Andreouli (2015) explore the con...(short extract)

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