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Question: TMA 04 Part 1: Explain how different sorts of evidence in DD102 can be used to support the claim that class matters for people’s lives in Britain today. [Word Count 1253]

TMA 04 Part 2: Write no more than 100 words in your cluster forum describing what you think are the benefits of the forum and/or what might help to improve the forum. [Word Count 100]

TMA 04 Part 3: Write a short reflection on your experiences if using the cluster forum on DD102. [Word Count 100]

[Please use this essay as an example to learn from and do not copy. As long as you do not copy, reading the work of other students is an ethical and proven educational technique that can guide and improve your own academic writing. It is intended only to help students understand the academic writing style and content that is expected of them by teachers, tutors and other educators.]

Answer: TMA 04 Part 1: This essay uses Portland Road to discuss how class matters within this community and how within its segregation shares a wider and similar view to other communities within Britain including that of Deptford High Street. This essay will also show evidence of how class is intertwined within the sporting community and how this often is linked to inequalities and stereotypes. Additionally, it will also show how modern media further supports the claim of stereotypical views and class. I will use qualitative (numerical) and quantitative evidence (non-numerical) to support the claims. From this essay, it will show how class does matter in Britain and how it constrains life chances and opportunities.

The term class, which refers to a group or collective identity that links economic inequality and social differences including superior or inferior status and differences of fami...(short extract)

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