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Question: TMA 01 Part 1 - In your own words, define ‘making and remaking’ and provide two examples that can be seen on City Road.

TMA 01 Part 2 - What have you enjoyed and what have you found challenging about starting this module?

TMA 01 Part 3 - Write no more than 100 words on in your cluster group forum describing a street that you know.

Answer: Part 1 Society does not just simply exist but is ‘made’ by people through their relationships with one another and their environment. Looking at City Road we find society being ‘made’ by residents, shopkeepers, consumers, industry, infrastructure and the activities, some of which are unseen, that connect them. People ‘make’ decisions about their lives which can lead to them pursuing opportunities that are presented to them. Society is never constant it is always actively changing. This means that people often must adapt to these changes and ‘remake’ their lives in different ways.
My first example is the imposing Mackintosh Centre, once the family home of local wealthy land owners it has since been ‘remade’ into a sports club. Many locals felt daunted about utilizing it as it looked like a “private, expensive club” (Open University, 2018). The club has put a lot o...(short extract)

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