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Question: TMA 04 Part 1 ‘Segregation and integration shape social life in cities’. Explain how different sorts of evidence in DD102 can be used to support this claim. [Word count 1295]

TMA 04 Part 2 Write no more than 100 words in your cluster group forum describing what you think are the benefits of the forum and/or what might help to improve the forum.
[Word count 100]

TMA 04 Part 3 Write a short reflection on your experience of using the cluster group forum on DD102. [Word count 100]

DD102 Introducing the social sciences

Answer: TMA 04 Part 1 Segregation in cities is the separation of two or more social and spatial groups. These divisions produce differences and inequalities. To create peaceful living, boundaries, whether physical or invisible are present, causing disconnections between groups. Groups can be defined by income, class, religion or race. Integration is when these groups are connected together in shared areas such as shops or public transport. Connections can be lost or weakened and new ones formed. This essay evidences claims using qualitative and quantitative approaches that these connections and disconnections shape identities through the places people share. Specifically focusing on class, wealth, migration and religion.

One of the biggest areas of disassociation in cities is that of identity. Identity is not just made up of physical attributes, people’s jobs form part of who they are, aff...(short extract)

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