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Question: TMA 02 Part 1 Drawing on ‘ordering lives’ chapter and film, as well as your feedback from TMA 01, outline examples of ‘making and remaking’ in relation to order. [Word Count 817]

TMA 02 Part 2 Identify two areas of your work (relating to TMA 02) that you would like your tutor to provide feedback on, stating briefly why you welcome feedback on these two areas. [Word count 55]

TMA 02 Part 3 Write up to 100 words responding to another student’s post about their street, commenting on how it is different from and/or similar to your own street. [Word count 99]

DD102 Introducing the social sciences

Answer: TMA 02 Part 1 Ordering in the social refers to the way in which society is organised and the behaviours and regulations that are needed to ensure that the organisation is sustained.
This essay will specifically explore City Road, Cardiff to discuss ways the individuals, businesses and public services make and remake orderly conduct through their actions, communication and associations that they have within society and how they readjust if there is disruption to that order.

Firstly, the whole of mankind is responsible for making and remaking (Staples and Blakeley, 2014, p.16) order in both public and private places. It is happening continuously through every individual's self-governing behaviour and decisions they make. Many acts go unnoticed and could be attributed to common knowledge, courtesy or even habitual such as giving up your seat for someone elderly, forming queues or not u...(short extract)

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