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Question: TMA 02 Part one Drawing on ‘Making Lives’ chapter and film, as well as your own feedback from TMA01, outline examples of ‘difference and inequality’ in relation to consumption. (749 of 750 words)

TMA 02 Part two Identify two areas of your work (relating to TMA 02) that you would like your tutor to provide feedback on, stating briefly why you would welcome feedback on these two areas. (49 of 50 words)

TMA 02 Part three Write up to 100 words responding to another students post about their street, commenting on how its different from and/or similar to your own street. (100 of 100 words)

Answer: TMA 02 Part one This assignment’s purpose is to expand on my existing knowledge from TMA01, in which I defined the terms Inequality and difference, I’ll be using this information to relate to the consumption along City Road. When referring to consumption and the individual, Bauman (2007) suggested “Consumption could be used as an expression of self-identity and individuality – not so much to reflect ones character and rank within society.” This statement supports the believe that consumption is important in society and individuals’ lives as a means of choosing and expressing who they are however consumption is swayed by the differences and inequalities each person faces.
The differences in relation to consumption on city road are first physically seen as you look at the range of shops with various in purposes from clothing, halal butchers or the Jing Xing Express. These diff...(short extract)

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