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Question: TMA 02 Part 1: Referencing Exercise – Questions 1-10
[Word count 287]

TMA 02 Part 2: Essay
Outline the similarities and differences between the research studies of Adorno et al. (1950) and Allum (2011) on personality types.
[Word count 998]

TMA 02 Part 3: Reflective Component
[Word count 105]

Answer: TMA 02 Part 2: Essay
The studies carried out by Adorno et al (1950) and Allum (2011) on the face of it share a very real resemblance as they both attempted to test personality traits and identify the reason behind certain beliefs and behaviours that are drawn from these traits, using similar methods. Adorno looked for the cause of these personality traits and how these causes can influence behaviour, while Allum explored the link between personality traits and the belief that astrology is a scientific practice. Both studies used a survey approach in the first instance and both heavily mention the authoritarian personality (McAvoy, 2012) as either a cause or an effect of the subject of their studies.
Adorno carried out a survey known as the Fascism Scale or F-Scale (McAvoy, 2012), using 2,000 Americans and asked them to either agree or disagree with certain statements that were designed...(short extract)

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