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Question: TMA 01 Part 1: Describe Two Psychological Terms
- Scientific Racism
- Heritability
[Word Count: 176]

TMA 01 Part 2: Make Sense of Data in a Table - Questions 1 - 3
[Word Count: 99]

TMA 01 Part 3: Reflective Component
[Word Count: 99]

Answer: TMA 01 Part 1
Scientific Racism
Scientific Racism occurs when the results of scientific research are altered to fit the pre-existing opinion of the person or persons carrying out the research regardless of the evidence to the contrary, resulting in the justification of racial discrimination.
An example of this is the Eugenics Movement, in which it was believed that certain groups of deserving people who were perceived to be naturally more intelligent should be encouraged to reproduce so as to restrict the amount of less intelligent people in society.

Heritability can be described as the quantity of differences in a group of people as a result of hereditary genetic information passed to them from their parents.
An example of this is the Twin Studies, in which sets of both identical and non-identical twins, some of which were raised together within the same household a...(short extract)

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