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Question: TMA 03 Thinking about your current neighbours do you agree with any of the following statements. [Word Count 477]

TMA 03 Examine the argument that “Good Fences make Good Neighbours”. [Word Count 1011]

Answer: Do good fences make good neighbours? This is an old saying which has both positive and negative connotations. On the one side a close caring neighbourhood where family's look out for each other and help in times of difficulties and on the other where perhaps well meaning but intrusive neighbours encroach in your daily life, such as popping in to give gratuitous advice and perhaps to borrow “a cup of sugar” or even worse to gossip about another neighbour. I intend to explore these preliminary thoughts in the following paragraphs.
A good neighbour can be a life line for example you may have young children, two of which need to be taken to school and the other is in bed sick. A good neighbour could assist by taking the children to school. You may be having work done on your kitchen or bathroom and you would be able to ask next door if they would let the workmen in or to take in eq...(short extract)

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