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Question: TMA 02 Explore the claim that a consumer society is always a “throw-away” society.

Answer: The scene is set with the argument that Rubbish seems to be the invisible part of consumption. Rubbish however does not disappear when it is disposed of in a rubbish bin by a household. Collecting household rubbish and disposing of it is well organised and funded. Disposal also involves complicated processes and a chain of activities that might extend around the world. In this respect disposal of rubbish achieves and raises similar issues to production of other aspects of a consumer society. (Brown, 2009, p. 103).
Having considered this premise I would agree as follows: - Rubbish could be something that has no value now as it is no longer of use. It did at one time have a use and therefore value but as that use disappeared so did the items value. So rubbish tells us about the social processes that are involved in society at any one time.
Value is a complex term and as pointed ou...(short extract)

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